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The founders of A&A Pharmachem, Atul Aggarwal and Nav Aggarwal, come from a family that has a history of entrepreneurship and re-invention. The traditional family business comprised of real-estate development and gas stations. In 1992, a strategic re-alignment and decision to focus on health sector as a long term growth area, lead to the start of A&A Pharmachem.

Nav Aggarwal joined A&A Pharmachem in 1996 and has been at the helm since then. He focussed on offering excellent service levels to differentiate from competition.

In 2005 when business reached new heights Atul and Nav started to diversify and started a venture in Rx Generics area. Around that time, Nav put together a unique organization structure and several supplier relationships to grow the business. Soon, A&A Pharmachem became a leading distributor of Sports nutrition and Nutraceutical ingredients in Canada. During the journey, A&A pharmachem also became an exclusive distributor of over the counter (OTC) products in Canada for manufacturers like Granules India and Seven Star Pharma (Taiwan). It also became a proud partner of nutraceutical suppliers like Omni Active Health Technologies.

Today, A&A Pharmachem takes pride in having a team of highly qualified and professionals who meet the needs of its diverse customer base. Our supplier relationships now span decades, prices are competitive and we still claim to have faster delivery and high customer satisfaction than those of our competitors

We understand ingredient distribution business better than many others”, says vice president Nav Aggarwal, "and we can show our customers how to use us to give them a leading edge."